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I want to help edit files

Some files might be read-only and may require you to ask for permission from the owner through Google Drive. If you have permission to edit a file, click the Edit button in any file viewer, to access the baokao file editor.

When editing through baokao, we recommend using Google Chrome or new Microsoft Edge, as editing files in other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Safari currently is not supported. Alternatively, you can always edit files by opening them externally in Google Drive.

I want to contribute student resources

Find the right Repository that's most appropriate for the materials you're trying to contribute
On the Repository's home page, click the Upload button where you'll be redirected to Google Drive
If you need to request access first, click the Repository's name, then go to Share, then click Ask to share where you can contact the Repository's owner directly
Once you have gained access, you can upload resources through Google Drive
Some Repositories might have a README document with contact details, or another system in place to contribute files easily
We hope to introduce one-click upload in baokao once we're out of Early Access.

I want to start my own repository

Please get in touch with us at! Keep in mind while baokao is in Early Access there are a number of technical limitations with the site that still currently exist, but we'll do our best to accomodate any of your requests. In the future, we'll hopefully be able to get new repositories started quicker in a more streamlined and efficient way.

I want to help improve the baokao web application

Pull requests are very much welcome via our GitHub repository.

Other questions?

If you have any questions, feel free to email Thanks for improving baokao - it's greatly appreciated!

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